Headshot of Ambroise owner, Amanda Ambroise

Behind The Brand

Amanda Ambroise

A seasoned stylist who has adorned the locks of elites, graced the runways of fashion week, glamorized TV screens and serviced many in the heart of NYC.

Her unparalleled expertise has birthed a brand like no other - Ambroise. This visionary entrepreneur not only beautifies tresses but also empowers through education on healthy hair practices. By creating a haven of luxury and sophistication, she ensures that every individual experiences a truly transformative hair journey.

Our Story

Hairstylists on Stage performing haircut demonstrations at the International Beauty Show at the Jacob Javitz Center 2015
Hairstylist on stage at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California

Ambroise, renowned for its custom wigs catering to a diverse clientele, has expanded its offerings with the launch of the Nourishing Hair Fragrance. This debut hair product embodies luxury and elegance, delivering a captivating scent while nourishing hair and extensions with a blend of premium ingredients including Castor oil, Vitamin E, Golden Jojoba oil, and Virgin Argan oil.

The vision behind Ambroise aims to provide individuals with a transformative hair experience, creating a sanctuary of opulence and sophistication that reflects our commitment to excellence in beauty.